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Indeed, when the company developed to a certain stage, in order to obtain a highly competitive market in sustainable development, companies must have the right strategy, good organization and management skills, team work ethic talent team, but talent is undoubtedly the entire company Foundation.


Optional good talent training, division of work by a team of excellent and fruitful implementation of market strategy, enterprises can sound development. As the leading network equipment suppliers, human resource development SINFOR mainly for research and development, customer service, marketing categories. In 2008, the company officially in cooperation with well-known international human resources company Hay, development of the scientific quality of talent model. Through a clear corporate strategy for human capacity required standard, deep convinced the company can promote the strategic development of selected personnel in Recruitment cultured. Deeply convinced of the recruits and the general implementation of the three-stage training program:


career planning

For new recruits, the company will be based on job characteristics and different skills and cultural training. HR introduced a standardized system processes, organization of professional team of lecturers, curriculum development has focused on the basics of the new staff training, product knowledge, professional building, corporate culture and other aspects of the whole.


After have a basic job skills and career direction, the company will be based on personal ambition and ability trend in the work performance, the initial planning of personal career development plan. For R & D personnel, SANGFOR provided technical experts, technology executives dual channel development path. Technical experts the main technological development and innovation, to solve technical problems; technology executives good at grasping the direction of the project and product planning, led the team to complete the development tasks; Similarly, for customer service, marketing, deeply convinced also provides business direction, management direction categories talents direction.


About to be broken down into core operations quality, professional job quality, leadership qualities three points to the right person is subject to different training methods. Such as through the tutorial system, so that the same type of talent cultivation counterpart, rapidly increasing. For the main course of technical personnel, the company's technical training through the system, the actual project experience accumulation, technological learning among cattle, etc., continue to strengthen the capacity of technical personnel positions pride and achievement; to take the technical route class management talent, after accumulated considerable technical capabilities, the company will train its research and development team led by the leadership project operation, with customers, colleagues, communication and other markets, the accumulation of the project, the ability to control the product and improve its leadership.


More career development planning is not static, through election, training, appointment, use, closed-loop process to improve education, companies and individuals to constantly adjust the direction of career development, allowing companies and individuals to choose the optimal development path.