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1. Guangzhou Yake Da Tourism Ltd. sold goods are genuine licensed it? What service?

A: Guangzhou Yake Da Tourism Ltd. sold goods are genuine licensed. With Guangzhou Yake Da Tourism Ltd. sales documents, all goods can enjoy security service, Guangzhou Yake Da Tourism Ltd. will strictly fulfill its obligations replacement and return for the sale of goods. See sale Description


2. Guangzhou Yake Da Tourism Ltd. price and the price of physical goods store Why so different?

A: a product from the producer to the agents, the size of the wholesalers to rent expensive luxurious products shop, every aspect of layers increases, consumers can only passively accept inflated prices, and Guangzhou Yake Da Tourism Ltd. is factory direct supply. Discover Guangzhou Yake Da Tourism Ltd. Low Reason >>>


3. how to Guangzhou Yake Da Tourism Ltd. purchase orders?

A: Guangzhou Yake Da Tourism Ltd. orders with most shopping sites are the same, and we in Taobao (, Jingdong (, Amazon ( com), Ali Baba had set up shop) on (


4. the shipping container is damaged how to do?

A: Due to the road transport of goods caused damage or lost pieces of commodity losses borne by us, so you do not have to worry about transportation issues. (After long-distance transport of product packaging may be a slight collision is normal, but it will not damage the product in the package).


5. ask how much is shipping?

A: (1) You can click → → delivery instructions with shipping, freight, transport when a query.

(2) After you click on purchase of goods, submit the order process, the system will inform you when the specific transport costs.


6. how much time can be sent?

A: Usually we have warehouse stock, per day before 16:00 the same day orders can be shipped by courier (will call you probably before home delivery courier), Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen , Chengdu, Chongqing, delivery 2-3 days after delivery, other cities 2-5 days delivery (order details into my account, there are express a single number, you can check online self-prescribed and time of arrival of goods in transit ) provide the first delivery orders online self-check function!


7. I receive the goods are not satisfied with how to do?

A: within 30 days after you receive the goods, if the goods are not satisfied, do not like, and unopened use or quality of the premise, you can unconditional return or replacement you are satisfied with the other commodities.


8. do not give an invoice?

All the goods we sell are free to provide formal invoice, after you receive the goods and confirm Yes, a certain company to enter the "My Account" "Request invoice" to submit the invoice request items online, our customer service will be regular mail to the invoice you. Obtain a copy of the invoice description >>>


9. Guangzhou Yake Da Tourism Ltd. which payment has?

A: We currently support payment, payment may see >>>