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2016 sporting goods industry trends forecast

2016/4/30      view:


      2015 record gratifying sporting goods industry in 2016 will continue this trend. Learned from the recent foreign media reports, the sporting goods industry in 2016 will usher in the development of the following:


      2016 coincides with the quadrennial Olympic Games, so it is conducive to the development of the sporting goods industry. Brands ready to launch new products during the Olympics. We expect to see a lot of innovative products in Brazil, many of which will focus on new manufacturing technologies --3D printing.


      The last quarter of 2015, the best performance of sports shoes, 2016 will continue this trend. "Basketball fever" began to calm down, running is popular. Hiking shoes category strong performance, and with the integration of sports and outdoor activities, this category will maintain the good momentum of development.


    Because it is warm winter, so sportswear performance decline, especially garments and sweater. Pants performance is poor. 2016 sales will rise, but will not return to that level in 2014 and the first half of 2015.


    The brand, Nike and Skechers still a good performance. After a good performance in December, Adidas sales warmed.


      "Social fitness" (referring to share health information social fitness app) will affect the development of the sporting goods industry. Brands and retailers have figured out how to take advantage of this trend. In terms of equipment, team sports equipment will continue to face challenges, because participation in team sports continue to decrease, golf equipment also seen growth. Camping equipment related prospects. With the introduction of the new Firearms Act, we will see growth in purchases of firearms.


    In marketing, brands and retailers need to change the traditional broadcast and print media advertising in favor of most of the energy is spent on social media.


    Mobile phones will dominate the development of the electricity supplier. Some analysts believe that the mobile channel in 2016 will usher in the blowout. Retailers must develop electricity supplier strategy, "mobile first."


    While retailers are reluctant to business downturn due to the weather, but the abnormal weather does disrupt the normal consumption patterns.


    US minimum wage increase is also conducive to the development of the US sporting goods industry. Consumers will increase wages for the purchase of sports shoes and sportswear. 2016 sporting goods industry will remain outstanding.