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Professional outdoor sports and leisure products to the public fitness change

2016/4/28      view:

This body fair limit outdoor exhibitors and increases and decreases, exhibition added including recreational canoe, outdoor app, outdoor intelligent terminal equipment project more than 20 new faces in the enterprise.

       The canoe was relatively popular outdoor sports, stay to give the impression in the Olympic games. However, there are more and more in recent years, people begin to contact the exhilarating scenery of leisure sports between.

       Kunshan Yao and Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is a production and management of recreational canoe company. According to the staff of the company introduction, in recent years China's recreational canoe sales market in the rapid development, the company from 2010 began sales in China, almost every year to double the speed increasing, first year sales of 200 ships, 2015 sales of 4000 aircraft, six years realized 20 fold increase. From the sales data can be seen, Chinese leisure kayak market has great potential.

       "Leisure kayak through simple exercises, even children can start in 10 minutes. Kayak can keep in close to nature and health. Most modern people work is done sitting in front of the computer, cervical spondylosis, low back pain disease has become common disease in workers, recreational canoeing caters to the health needs of the people, in the process of movement can be good exercise the waist, shoulder, neck, arms, joint and muscle. " The staff believes that the future will be more and more people like hiking, biking, camping and other recreational activities as enthusiastic about the water leisure sports.

        In the limit outdoor pavilion, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Science Research Institute wholly-owned Beijing constitution science and Technology Development Service Center for the first time exhibitors, in its carrying numerous exhibits, a series of outdoor intelligent terminal equipment, covers the present domestic intelligent terminal equipment, most of the products, such as smart watches, mobile phone, mobile plate.

       Constitution, general manager Huang Xifa said "this exhibition is to the introduction of mass fitness sports professional equipment, and through the efforts of, and vigorously support the state-owned independent brand, in the future more professional sports field of common development and progress."

       When a reporter asked the characteristics of this product. Huang Xifa said, this product is not only waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, anti pressure, anti scratch and anti corrosion, low temperature resistance, can be used in competitive sports in extreme environments, also in hardware products is also equipped with a multi platform app, for public health to collect valid data, and outdoor sports enthusiasts to provide professional technical support.

        In recent years, with the enthusiasm of the people in the outdoor sports continues to heat up, professional outdoor sports products are gradually extended to the public leisure area, the market is gradually becoming a blue ocean to be developed.