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Cold fairyland Kanas to explore the last China virgin snow

2012/8/21      view:

 With the snow wind pattern beautiful, full of snow encrusted elm tree branches will bend arms up in the air. Nothing in the dynamic, the snow has almost died,
Wind only occasionally think of shaved like whispered, they probably will never forget someone used the boots ravaged this short and flat and sleep.

                                                                                          --------------《The end of the world and the cold Wonderland》Haruki Murakami

       When I told around the friends I want to at the end of December to Kanas, Xinjiang, get are almost all objections: Kanas winter have been closing can not enter, Kanas autumn 

is the most beautiful season, snow has what good is the argument of Baimang mang a sheet and so on and so forth, but in summer and autumn season of noisy, to lose the original 

quiet and pure. But in winter, it is her original appearance here.

       Indeed, most people do not choose Kanas as the first choice for winter tourism, but also because of this, in the winter of Kanas to retain her best the most real.